About Us

The History of Skutesjön

Skutesjön has a long history. What started as a center for sports and outdoor activities became a caravan camping, and then a refugee shelter. In 2018, the place had been abandoned for 2 years when Patrik and his friends acquired the land and began the great restoration.

2019 – The first year

In 2019 Skutesjön had its first year as a healing center. There were several retreats, a big music festival and gatherings. We had visits from indigenous tribes from the amazon, about 20 volunteers and Skutesjön had its first shift in the management structure.

The Skutesjön Team

Since Autumn 2019, Skutesjön is managed by a team of individuals dedicated to the path of healing, with a strong united vision to create a flourishing center where people can come to rest, recharge, receive insights, celebrate and support the healing of the Earth.


Noah is a yoga teacher, massage therapist and initiator of the healing community known as Inner Glow, facilitating retreats with renowned medicine carriers of various native traditions. He is also a DJ and musician in the band Kirtankura.


Patrik is the original founder of Skutesjön and has been here since the start. He has an education as a herbalist from Biskops Arnö and before he founded Skutesjön he lived as a nomad for many years, traveling all the corners of the world where he found the pieces he needed for his own vision and dream to blossom.


Emilia is a musician in the duo Klot. With a background in arts and music, she is holding womens workshops & retreats and is firmly rooted in her life’s path of healing and connection.